Reasons To Buy A Three-Wheel Motor Scooter

When you picture a motor scooter, there's a good chance that you think of a vehicle that has two wheels. While most motor scooters fit this description, a visit to a dealership in your area will give you some other options to check out. Another type that you can expect to encounter is a motor scooter with three wheels. In most cases, these vehicles have two wheels at the front and one at the rear. Your dealership visit will give you a chance to check out some of these scooters, sit on them in the dealership, and perhaps even arrange a test drive. Here are some reasons to buy a three-wheel motor scooter.

More Balance While Riding

While a lot of people feel comfortable riding a motor scooter with two wheels, there are others who favor having a higher degree of balance. For these people, a model with three wheels is a logical choice. You'll feel very stable in this type of vehicle. When you're stopped at a traffic light, for example, you won't need to put one foot on the ground to maintain the vehicle's upright position. The three wheels will keep the vehicle perfectly balanced, allowing you to keep your feet on the scooter without feeling like you might tip over.

Higher Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of motor scooters varies from model to model, and there are several factors that affect how much one of these vehicles can hold. In general, however, you'll find that those with three wheels have more weight capacity than those with two wheels. This can be ideal if you have a heavier weight and you want to feel sturdy on the scooter. Additionally, if you have plans to carry a passenger who is also on the heavier side, you may find that a three-wheeled model will be better for you.

Easier To Park

The three-wheel design of these motor scooters makes them easier to park in all sorts of terrain. When you park a two-wheel scooter on soft surfaces such as wet grass, you may worry that the vehicle's kickstand could sink into the ground and cause the scooter to topple over before you return to retrieve it. This concern can sometimes make it difficult to find an ideal spot to park the scooter. You won't have this worry with a three-wheel model, which doesn't need a kickstand when you park it. 

For more information, talk with a motor scooter dealer.

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