Jeep Body Styles: What Speaks To You?

Different vehicles often have different body styles. These body styles could be as different as night and day in the short span of two years or less, sometimes. That said, if you are looking to buy something like a pre-owned Jeep, what type of body style speaks to you? Here are some examples to help you decide. 

The Classic

The classic body style is completely open. It may or may not have doors, and it only has a roll bar going across the top. Two people can ride in front, but the back would be a tight fit with two more people riding in reverse with no seats. Usually, if you like this style, you intend to use it for hunting, fishing, off-roading, mudding, and general outdoorsy activities. 

The Enclosed Passenger

This body style has doors and either a soft-top or hardtop roof. If the roof is soft-top, it is often removable for warmer weather days. Hardtops are not removable at all. The body is longer to accommodate the driver, a front-seat passenger, and two or more passengers facing forward in the back seat. Some storage space may exist behind the back seat, but that depends on the chosen length of the enclosed passenger body style. 

The SUV-Style

This body style looks almost nothing like the original or "classic" body style. It looks a lot like an SUV instead. If you want something that is more SUV but still retains the manufacturer's name on the vehicle, then maybe this is the one for you. 

The Crossover

This body style is the furthest away from anything that resembles a Jeep. It is not an SUV, an enclosed passenger or classic style, or a typical car. It is a mix of everything thrown into one design with the intent of creating a functional family vehicle with lots of room and the still-impressive size of a massive SUV. It is the biggest enclosed passenger Jeep you can buy without purchasing something that resembles a military HUM-V. There are often a lot of luxury features in this particular body style as well, which may or may not appeal to you. 

All Pre-Owned Body Styles Available

You can find any of the above body styles everywhere. Some dealerships may have one or two of these styles, while other dealerships may have the other styles. If you know exactly what you want, you can search online for it and then go look at it at the used car dealership where it sits. 

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Different vehicles often have different body styles. These body styles could be as different as night and day in the short span of two years or less,

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