Key Points to Know About Using Carfax Certified Car Dealerships

When you begin looking for a used car, one of the key terms you will hear is CarFax. You may know this refers to reports that are completed on cars. The reports show the history of the car including any damages, wrecks, and other information that pertains to the vehicle lifecycle. What you may not have heard about are the dealerships that are CarFax certified. Here are a few things you should know about these dealerships before you buy a used car somewhere else.

Lot Wide History

One of the leading things to know about CarFax certified car dealerships is that the certification is generally lot wide. What this means is that each car on the lot has a certified history report. This means if you have any question regarding the history of the car, a report can be pulled and checked. On a certified car dealership, you can have a report pulled to confirm the ownership of the car, clean title, and the history of repairs or wrecks. These reports mean that you can narrow down your car choice to one lot instead of several based on your preferences and the report history.

Inspected Cars

At most used car dealerships, you may face cars that have not been inspected recently. When you use a CarFax certified dealership, you can rely on one key point. The cars you are looking at have been recently inspected. This means that they are inspected for the history report as well as for state standards. You have the guarantee that the cars will meet the inspections your area requires. You can also ensure that if anything needs repairs, you will know what needs a repair or replacement before you buy the vehicle.

Auto Loan Capability

There are some banks that will give auto loans based on the CarFax report. This means that you may have an easier process in getting your auto loan. You may also have better financing options if you use a CarFax certified car dealership over traditional used car dealers. Check with your bank or financing company of choice to see if they have any special considerations for CarFax dealers or when the history reports are available for the car you are considering.

When you are ready to narrow down your used car search, look for your local CarFax Certified car dealerships. They can help you through the process of finding and buying your car. They can also help you narrow down your car search based on the requirements you have.

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When you begin looking for a used car, one of the key terms you will hear is CarFax. You may know this refers to reports that are completed on cars. T