3 Modern Safety Features To Look For In Your Next Vehicle

Vehicles made today have lots more safety features on them even in comparison to vehicles that were made five years ago. If you want to have the latest safety features on your vehicle, you need to go with a new vehicle. Here are a few of the most recent safety features that you should be looking for in your next vehicle.

1. Lane Assist

First, on highways, they added rumble strips to the side to alert you when you drifted out of your lane. Rumble strips have probably stopped numerous accidents from happening. Following the tradition of rumble strips, you can now find vehicles with lane assist features. With lane assist features, there are strategically placed cameras on both sides of your vehicle that pick up the paint of the lane.

When you go over the paint or start to drift over your lane, your vehicle will warn you with auditory and visual sensors within your vehicle. If that doesn't work, your vehicle will even gently nudge your vehicle back into the lane. This feature should prevent general drifting that can happen when you become distracted by, for example, your phone or something in your vehicle. It should also prevent accidents due to drowsy driving. 

2. Frontal Collision Prevention

Another common cause of accidents happens when a vehicle suddenly stops in front of you, or just comes to a stop and you don't notice them stopping. With a frontal collision prevention system, there are sensors and cameras across the front of your vehicle. The job of these sensors and cameras is to detect when there is an object in front of you, and to determine the speed that object is moving.

When it seems like you are at risk of hitting a vehicle or object in front of you, based on relative distance and speed, your vehicle will issue you a warning and give you time to slow down. If you don't heed that warning, or if there is not enough time for the warning to be issued, your vehicle will brake for you. Your vehicle will slow down to reduce the chance of the front end of your vehicle rear-ending the vehicle in front of you.

3. Blind Spot Sensors

Forget simple backup cameras, with blind-spot sensors, your backup camera game has evolved to an entirely new level. With blind-spot sensors, you still have the traditional rearview camera that allows you to see behind you. However, in addition to the rear view camera, there are sensors around the blind spots on your vehicle that will alert you and let you know if all of your blind spots are clear as well. When you are backing up, your vehicle will let you know that you have a totally clear field to work with. The blind-spot sensors also come into play when switching lanes; you can now switch lanes with ease, knowing that your path is completely clear. 

If you want to stay as safe as possible on the road, invest in a brand new vehicle with a lane assist system, front collision prevention systems, and blind-spot sensors. These modern safety features work to minimize the risk of an accident to both you and those around you when you are on the road. For more information on finding a Subaru crosstrek for sale, contact your local dealership today!

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