4 Features To Look For In Your Next Truck

If your current truck is getting old, or if you don't have a truck at all, it is time to start shopping for a new truck, like a new Ram 1500. As you search for the right truck for you, look for a truck that offers additional storage, choice of cabs, keyless entry and wheel to wheel side steps.

#1 Storage

One of the downsides to purchasing a pick-up truck is that, depending on the type of cab you chose, the storage options on your truck can feel a little limited. Look for a truck that offers innovated storage options.

If you want more private storage, where you can put your belongings without them being seen, look for a truck that comes with a cargo box. These cargo boxes should be built into the bed of your truck. They are hidden with a lid that you just need to flip up in order to access extra storage that is underneath the bed of your truck. These under the bed cargo boxes make use of the existing space in your truck. They provide you with extra space without adding onto the bulk of your truck.

Another option is to look into a truck with a tonneau cover. This type of cover goes over the bed of your truck, keeping everything inside the bed of your truck safe and secure. Look for a tonneau cover that has a lifting lid on it so you can access your truck bed without having to put down the tailgate.

#2 Cab Choices

Second, look for a brand of truck that offers you different cab options. You should be able to find a truck with the size of cab you want. With a regular cab, you get a truck that can seat two or three people and comes with a full-size or extended truck bed. With a crew cab, you get enough seating for five to six people, more like a car or SUV offers, with the option of a shortened or full-length truck bed. Or, you can go with a quad cab that gives you space for more passengers as well as a full-sized truck bed.

#3 Keyless Entry

Look for a truck that can offer you an advanced key fob. Try to find a vehicle that comes with a key fob that no only allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle from a distance, but also allows you to start up your vehicle without sitting inside of it. This can be great if you live in either a hot or cold climate and want to cool the vehicle down or heat it up before you get inside of it.

#4 Wheel To Wheel Side Step

A great part about driving a truck is that you get to sit up high. A downside to owning a truck is that you have to climb up into it. Make it easier for all of your passengers to get into your vehicle by purchasing a truck that comes with wheel to wheel side steps to make getting into the truck easier. As an added bonus, wheel to wheel side steps also tend to increase the aerodynamic nature of your truck as well.

Make sure that your next truck offers you ample storage options, keyless entry, wheel to wheel side step and a choice of cab and truck bed sizes.  

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