Three People To Take With You When You Buy A Car

Before you head to the dealership with the intention of buying a car, you may be thinking about the people you wish to take with you. It can be handy to have a friend or family member with you for the test drive. Another passenger can help to notice things about the vehicle that you might not pick up yourself. Beyond this person, however, there are some other individuals who can assist you in your effort to buy a car. The involvement of these three people can make the process more comfortable for you.


You might not need to worry about showing up with a mechanic if you're buying a new vehicle that has a warranty, but a mechanic is a valuable ally whenever you're shopping for a used vehicle. You'll experience a higher degree of peace of mind if you can have a trusted mechanic go over the vehicle from top to bottom to ensure that there are no problems that you might otherwise miss. While the average person can somewhat assess vehicle during the test drive, he or she can't really do much upon popping the hood and looking under it. With a mechanic on your side, this matter will be addressed.


Not everyone feels comfortable negotiating the purchase price of a vehicle. If you're an introvert who is anxious about going back and forth with the salesperson to negotiate the price and even other issues related to the vehicle, it's beneficial to take a negotiator with you. This individual doesn't have to be present during your initial trips to the dealership, but should accompany you when you're ready to make the purchase. Look for a family member or friend who is assertive, confident, and doesn't mind playing hardball — he or she will make an ideal negotiator.


If you don't possess the financial means to buy a car on your own, you'll need to visit the dealership with a cosigner. This individual is someone of decent financial means who can sign his or her name to the purchase of the vehicle. Even though you'll be in charge of the down payment and the payment installments, this person will serve as a backup — if you can't make a payment, this person will be relied upon to make a payment. This individual needs to be with you in person when you're ready to do the paperwork to buy the vehicle.

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