Muffler Problem? Here's Why You Need To Get It Fixed Promptly

When your car has a problem with its muffler, this isn't typically an issue that is very difficult for you to diagnose. Generally, you'll be able to tell that something with your muffler is amiss because your car is noticeably louder, both when it's idling in your driveway and when you're driving on the road. When you have your windows down, this sound is even more evident. Although you might be tempted to put off dealing with the problem right away, lack of attention on your part is a bad idea. Instead, you should call your local auto repair shop and schedule an appointment promptly. Here are three reasons why you need to take action.

A Muffler Problem Compromises Your Gas Mileage

No one wants to spend more on gas than he or she has to, but driving around with a muffler problem can often harm your gas mileage. If you notice that you tend to get a certain number of miles per tank, you may suddenly notice that you're needing to fill your car more frequently. Or, if you have a digital indicator on your dashboard screen that provides your gas mileage, you may begin to see numbers to which you're not accustomed. Getting the muffler mixed promptly reduces the money that you're otherwise wasting on gas.

You May Get Noise Complaints

Starting your car each morning and having the engine noise extremely loud while you idle in the driveway might not seem like a huge deal to you, but it's possible that your neighbors don't appreciate the noise. This can especially be the case if you're coming and going at odd hours when people may be trying to sleep. You may find that a neighbor asks you to address the problem, and may even confront you angrily. Some neighbors may even call the police to protest that you're disturbing the peace. This risk can go on as long as the muffler isn't fixed.

Complications Could Arise

A broken muffler is a relatively simple repair job for a trained mechanic, and not a job that will cost you a significant amount of money. If you fail to address the problem promptly, however, complications could arise. For example, if the muffler is partially rusted, ignoring the issue can allow the rust to progress to the point that the muffler falls off the car due to vibrations — and perhaps takes the pipes and more with it. This will result in a bigger repair bill than necessary.

Talk to a Nissan repair or other repair shop for more information. 

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