Four Summer Motorcycle Hazards To Watch For

With summer comes sunny days and good weather, which makes you want to consider more time on your motorcycle. Before hitting the open road, though, you need to be aware of some of the hazards out there. Knowing what is most likely to damage your bike during the summer months can help you avoid damage or unnecessary maintenance.

#1: Road debris

Summer is orange cone season in many areas. Even if the road you are riding isn't under construction, chances are trucks have been on it. Keep an eye out for loose gravel. It can leave a mark whether it hits you or your bike. Pay special attention to gravel trucks and give them a wide berth. Also, keep in mind that any large truck is more likely to throw a stone at you a lot harder compared to smaller passenger cars.

#2: Uneven pavement

Early in summer uneven pavement is most often in the form of winter and spring potholes that have yet to be repaired. Fortunately, you can usually give them a pass without even leaving your lane. As summer progresses, construction can leave you with uneven pavement between lanes of traffic. Approach any lane changes cautiously, trying to hit them at the biggest angle possible to avoid damage to the bike.

#3: Summer rainstorms

Rain in summer is more hazardous than at other times of the year because there is a lot of dust and oil that builds up on the surface between rain storms. This creates slick conditions when these oils float on the surface of a recently wetted road. Slow down if it starts raining and change lanes with caution. Often, the area along the lane lines is the slickest, because passing cars push the oil out of the center of the lanes.

#4: Increased traffic

Although traffic in town seems to go down once school is out, it increases out on the highways and byways as people head out on vacation. Compound this with the fact that many of these people are driving either rental cars they are unfamiliar with or hauling boats or RVs. Reaction times may also be down, since many of these vacationers have been driving long hours. Remember to assume you are invisible, especially when passing or approaching a large vehicle or someone towing something.

If you do suffer an accident or minor damage to your bike, contact a motorcycle repair shop right away. They can put everything back to rights so you can get out and enjoy the summer riding season before it passes. To learn more, contact a company like Harley-Davidson of Dallas

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